Sagax Communications engineers took advantage of the beautiful late summer weather one more time. This time they tested our direction finding (DF) antenna SDA-500 on the field. These open-air antenna field trials are really helpful and advantageous. Firstly because equipments like antennas and other hardwares are usually behave different in a real natural environment. Secondly, the engineers also have a more difficult situation out of the lab. Hence these open-air antenna field trials are essential in the testing of our products. In conclusion, these open-air activites are always end up having a great and useful time outdoors.

Antenna field trials:

Direction Finding Antenna SDA-500


  • Adcock based mobile antenna set to find the direction of ground and low elevation sky waves
  • Frequency range: 100 to 500MHz
  • Polarization: vertical
  • Full 360 degree direction coverage
  • Automatic North direction calibration using electronic compass
  • Built-in GPS receiver for positioning of and time synchronization
  • “Quick move, deploy and move again” tripod based DF antenna
  • Fully computer controllable
  • DF method: Wattson-Watt

Product description

The SDA-100A antenna set consists of four low VHF antenna arms with dipole antenna elements (LVHF-DIP-V40) and antenna head. Furthermore the antenna head is housing the signal processor unit, GPS antenna and electrical compass.

Moreover the set contains all elements which are necessary for reception of the radio frequency signal and applying the modulation content of the incoming signal to operate the direction finding functions of the SDF-3000 DF receiver.

Finally the SDF-3000 receiver is able to control all of the functionality of the antenna set based on control program by the menu commands of the operator or remote control software.

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