The COMINT SDR whitepaper based on award winning NATO presentation on Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology. Moreover it is now available for free download from our site. So please visit our SIGINT resources page for this and many other good resource for your further development.


Software defined radio components will certainly play important role in future of wireless communication networks. Firstly the paper deals with the introduction of a prototype platform for software defined radio solutions, which supports the development of the waveforms and applications for reconfigurable radio components with adaptive and reactive modulation formats. Secondly it showes high-speed, high-bandwidth converter family with some example applications to demonstrate the capability of the components.

We hope you will enjoy our COMINT SDR whitepaper and all other materials in addition we prepared for you.

Sagax Communications and Comint SDR

Sagax Communications is a dedicated community of professional engineers who seek continuous innovation. Meanwhile we work tirelessly to invent and create affordable, cutting-edge radio electronics equipment and systems. Together we have decades of hands-on experience for delivering working solutions to the toughest missions and environments. Our technology is based on internationally recognized research and development of the software defined radio. Therefore the product portfolio is proved on field and in real mission.

Above all we offer some of the smartest available technologies, we deliver higher-value intelligence through innovative engineering, solid and continuous research and development, superior service and steadfast reliability. Our products include for instance:

  • High-speed, digital, fast-scanning search and intercept receivers,
  • Multi-channel, digital, high-density monitoring and recorder receivers,
  • Radio direction finding receivers and digital map-based visualization and triangulation software for location fixing.
  • Search and monitoring receivers with integrated radio direction finding capability remote controlled by notebook computers for mobile SIGINT and COMINT missions.
  • And search-intercept and monitoring-collection, fast scanning, digital, radio direction finding capable receivers, integrated into rugged 19″ rack

Sagax Communications – Always on Target

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