Sagax Communications can put down another success in its record. This time they gave hands to one of the traditional customers of the Hungarian defence electronics industry. Furthermore, we happily announce our new direction finding product!

Radio direction finding project

For our partner, as one of the leading power in the region, the detection systems have always had great importance. In the late 20th century, the shape of wafare changed. The classic schemes have  been replaced by the modern forms of electronic- information military tactics and technologies. Therefore in modern wafare detecting the targets is sometimes more efficient, than actually neutralizing them. That is to say, nowadays detecting a missile is more effective than launching one.


This need was perceived by many Hungarian companies in the socialist era, for examples Videoton and Mechanical Laboratory (a.k.a. =ML=). Despite the lack of resources, financial support, western technology and product import limitation, these brands could still develop, produce and export world class electronic warfare and signal intelligence equipments both for military and civil application. This was confirmed by all the numbers and quality of the foreign deals made by these companies. That’s why our costumer is still using the radio direction finding (DF) receivers and signal processing systems made by Mechlabor in the late 80’s and early ’90s.

VHF direction finding (DF) receiver
and antenna by Mechanical Laboratory, Hungary

Even though these equipments are really tough and durable, they can actually go wrong. But nowadays the emerging demand for providing reliable spectrum surveillance information they need to keep in service all useable technology.  However, they have decided not to pull them out of service, but to repair them, despite the fact, that they are not in the posession (out of) of the required competence and know- how to maintain and repair these equipments. Looking for the original manufacturer in Hungary to solve their problem, they got to know the company, Sagax Communications, which is internationally recognised for its capability of developing such technology. That’s why the representative gave the assignment to Sagax Communications to repair their equipments. Though it seemed a very hard mission…


Nevertheless, the highly qualified and experienced engineering team of Sagax could overcome all the emerging problems and issues occurred during the project. They have deep understanding of the analog RF signal processing used in these equipments and practical hands-on experience with work with them. In these very days, Sagax has already delivered all the refunctioning equipments, and sent a special team to put them in live operation. But this is not the end of the story.

New product in the portfolio

At the same time Sagax is going to present its brand new product line to the business partners. Sagax is offering equipments much smaller in size, weight and less energy consuption (SWaP) with enhanced capability and performance. The new products are not just more efficient, but more practical and easier to handle. Beyond that, the software defined readio equipment developed by Sagax are also compatible with the existing DF antennas.

SRM-3000 software defined, direct digital digital radio receiver with direction finding option
SRM-3000 software defined, direct digital digital radio receiver with direction finding option

With the accomplishment of this project Sagax Communications can note another successful mission and another satisfied partner. In addition, with the presentation of the new products and technology we hopefully look ahead of another prosperous partnership. As our previous transnational and transcontinental businesses have shown, we are ready to step out to the world stage of modern defense market. Beside that, for the sake of universal progression, we at Sagax Communications, believe in and prefer any kind of cooperation, because mutual trust and collaboration is the foundation of every reliable and sustainable advancement.

Sagax Communications – Always on Target

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