Sagax Communications engineers accomplished another successful open-air drone detection and tracking field trial recently.

To begin with drone detection, ranging and tacking is becoming a crucial field in defence and security industry. This is why Sagax Communication is working on to develop more and more sophisticated counter drone systems based on software defined radio receivers technology with additional AoA (angle of arrival) using special antenna system and signal processing technology.

As you can see on the pictures below, our engineers had a drone fly above the river Danube. The mission was to detect this little unmanned aerial vehicle’s (UAV) location on the minimap with two deployed receivers. As in usual counter-drone or counter UAV field trials the measurement was compared to the actual position of the aircraft reported by the on board GPS based tracking system. The pictures below show very well that our SRS-3000 search and intercept receiver provided an outstanding performance. It could detect the drone’s location with just a small deviation which may also come from the fix offset error by the GNSS receiver on board.

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