In this post you can read about an ongoing project of drone detection with SDRs like SRM-3000 or SRS-3000. This is an R&D project that is in progress, but our engineers have made some accomplishments so far. We hope so that this summer we can try the technology in the fields too.

Technical goals

The technical goal of the project is to create a VHF / UHF bandwidth reconnaissance and pointing device, which can be carried, installed and used by a person. Furthermore it should be capable of satisfying military conditions. As the founding member of a product family, the developed components are suitable for different configurations.

Exploring the possible directions for further development of the product and developing systematic integration preparation options. Preparing for the development of the product was started following a request for a specific commercial offer. End-to-end needs were essentially a handheld device, but portable (man-portable) design seems realistic considering the conditions of use (military, field use).


The objective is to strengthen the domestic R&D potential in the field of radio communication equipment and application development. Thus increasing the competitiveness of our domestic industry contributing to the creation of a knowledge-based economy. Our goal is to set up and create a knowledge base, and a research and development workshop that we can rely on and to strengthen our presence in international, especially European, research and development co-operations.

The practical and economic utilization of successful development results can provide a basis for opening up further R & D projects. The significance of the technology to be developed: The research and development project aims at developing a radio directional measuring instrument, as a real market demand, and preparing and producing small series production, and marketing and selling it.

Drone detection accomplishments

Building simulation model and simulate the antenna element:

Design and simulation of antenna signal processing circuit:

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