Input from real-time or recorded-playback RF spectrum

As the signal source for integrated receiver system, the SSS-3000 record and playback equipment offers high-capacity, full-featured digital hard-disk signal record/playback capability. The storage server can be used to record and later playback the stored analog signal with up to 40MHz instantaneous bandwidth. The bandwidth of the recording could be reduced by the builtin digital tuner to increase the storage capacity. The storage server is able to operate in record or playback mode of operation.

sss record and playback server for integrated receiver systems
SSS-3000 record and playback server

Integrated receiver system base receivers

Compact integrated receiver systems work post for SIGINT is designed to search, monitor frequency spectrum in HF/VHF/UHF bands. With the help of its SRS-3000 fast scanning, wide band receiver capable to recognize and log the activity in the frequency spectrum.

srs search and intercept receiver for integrated receiver systems
SRS-3000 search and intercept

The integrated SIGINT receiver system using its own SRM-3000 multi-channel monitoring receiver to demodulate, record, analyse and decode (optional) the received signal. With its direction finding (DF) option it can measure the bearing (direction) of the incoming radio signal. With its own fast scanning receiver can continuously monitor the spectrum activity. Every parameter can be adjusted by the operator on the local terminal graphical user interface in case of standalone operation. If connected through TCP/IP network, can be operated remotely.

srm monitor and collect receiver for integrated receiver systems
SRM-3000 monitor and collect receiver

Signals analysis and decoding

Krypto500 is for Narrowband (NB) signals up to 48 kHz in bandwidth principally found between ELF-SHF. It enables even inexperienced signals analysts to quickly and accurately interpret information about a signal of interest. Its companion suite, Krypto1000 is for wideband signals 48 kHz and wider, principally found from VHF-SHF.

krypto500 signals analysis and decoding software
Krypto500 signals analysis and decoding

Electronic Warfare Europe, Stockholm, Sweden 13-15 May 2019

In the organization of Association of Old Crows (AOC) the exhibitions Electronic Warefare Europe takes place in Stockholm, Sweden this year. In 13-15 May 2019 more than 80 sponsors and exhibitors will participate on the noted event. We proudly announce, that Sagax Communications will be one of the exhibitors out of that great companies in the industry.

EW Europe 2019
EW Europe 2019

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