Compact integrated SIGINT receiver work post is designed to search, monitor frequency spectrum in HF/VHF/UHF bands. With the help of its SRS-3000 fast scanning, wide band receiver capable to recognize and log the activity in the frequency spectrum.

search intercept receiver in integrated SIGINT receiver system
search intercept receiver in integrated SIGINT receiver system

The integrated SIGINT receiver system using its own SRM-3000 multi-channel monitoring receiver to demodulate, record, analyse and decode (optional) the received signal. With its direction finding (DF) option it can measure the bearing (direction) of the incoming radio signal. With its own fast scanning receiver can continuously monitor the spectrum activity. Every parameter can be adjusted by the operator on the local terminal graphical user interface in case of standalone operation. If connected through TCP/IP network, can be operated remotely.

collect monitoring receiver in integrated SIGINT receiver system
collect monitoring receiver in integrated SIGINT receiver system

Technical characteristics of integrated SIGINT receiver system:

  • Wideband signal processing with
    40MHz real-time bandwidth
  • Built in direction finding processor for
    all the spectrum components
  • Full or reduced bandwidth record and
    playback capability
  • Spectral emission search with
    20GHz/sec speed at 25KHz resolution
  • Automatic channel scanning with up to
    25k predefined channels
  • Hand off receiver pool with 16 fully
    independent channels
  • Narrowband monitoring and recording
    with 12-768KHz bandwidth
  • High probability signal classification
    and decoding functionality

The need for integrated SIGINT receiver system

Demanding radio communication surveillance and monitoring technology requires powerful solutions for efficiently dominate the frequency spectrum. The SGX-ORION combines state-of-the-art high frequency technologies with the latest results of digital signal processing thus providing one of the most comprehensive receiver platforms available today. The implementation focuses on the combination of a
high-dynamic range analog tuner designed for maximum linearity with powerful signal and data processing back-end within the receiver core. The exceptional performance allows for handling wideband signals while matching the performance of high-grade narrowband receivers. This implementation allows to analyze and demodulate modern digital wideband signals as well as to track frequency agile systems
over a wide range of bandwidths.

Digital radio concept

Our digital receiver concept based on the Software Defined (SDR) technology, which means to digitize the data as earlier in the signal path as possible and do all of the functionality in digital domain. Before
the analogue to digital conversion the required analogue signal processing contains band limiting and pre-selection, variable amplification and frequency conversion in higher VHF/UHF bands. After the digitization burst memory (FIFO) or digital down-converter (DDC) is used depending on the application which could be a wide-band scanning or narrow-band monitoring reception. Programmable logic (FPGA) is used for on-board data processing and routing before the data is passed to digital signal processing (DSP) algorithm. The whole receiver is handled trough graphical user interface (GUI) which is running on the platform computer. External connections are provided by the platform computer for local and remote control.

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