Krypto decoder SRM receiver integrated

We are happy to inform you that Krypto decoder SRM receiver are integrated and now you have an unprecedented capability of signal collection and monitor for SIGINT/COMINT mission.

What is SRM-3000 receiver

The SRM-3000 is a multi-channel, broad-band digitizer and high channel density digital tuner with 4 independent 40MHz width analog input and 16 independent digital tuners up 400KHz band with each. It can be used as direct digital receiver from LF up to UHF or the frequency range or can be extended using the optional super heterodyne receiver front-end tuner up to 6GHz. The receiver digitizes the incoming signal in its instantaneous (real-time) bandwidth. Its 16 digital receiver channels can be tuned to given frequency in its real-time bandwidth. The 4 independent analog input can be used for collecting signals from different sources and the digital tuners can be allocated according to the applications needs. The processed data streams of the channels are are transmitted over Gig Ethernet link.  Its compact size, high channel density and high-level remote control functionality make it ideal for multitude of system application, including commercial frequency management and EW/SIGINT/COMINT missions. Pairing with the Krypto-500 it provides unprecedented capability with its high channel-density and detection and collecting capability.

What is Krypto500 decoder

Krypto500 is Signals decoding and analysis suite for Narrowband (NB) signals up to 48 kHz in bandwidth principally found between ELF-SHF. It enables even inexperienced signals analysts to quickly and accurately interpret information about a signal of interest. No other software on the market offers as comprehensive a selection of demodulation, decoding, parsing tools and receiver control for several hundred signals and integrates those seamlessly with so many wideband, narrowband and other collection systems. Its companion suite, Krypto1000 is wideband decoding and analysis suite for signals 48 kHz and wider, principally found from VHF-SHF.

How it works

Since the last release of the Krypto500 suite the control of the Sagax receivers are built into the receiver platform offer list by the Krypto and you can use it from inside the decoder and analysis environment.

Krypto decooder and SRM receiver

Krypto decooder and SRM receiver

What our customer said on Krypto decoder and SRM receiver integraion

I just received the new Krypto500 version with the control implemented for the DRU/SRM3000. The control of the receiver works at first sight very nice, can now monitor more than one channel at once and let other channels scan. Beside this point for now the combination of the SRM and Krypto is a perfect marriage!!

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