Record and Playback Server SSS-3000


  • Compact design with easy to use graphical user interface
  • Up to 40MHz wide instantaneous real-time bandwidth
  • Digitally selectable recording bandwidth with tunable center frequency
  • Analog or digital input and output
  • Up to 8TB storage capacity in 4U
  • Removable drives in 4U rack-mount units
  • Stand-alone or network access
  • Flexible compatibility for system integration

Typical applications

  • EW/SIGINT/COMINT systems
  • Signal collection and off-line/delayed analysis
  • Radio receiver/transmitter testing
  • Signal analysis and waveform generation

Product description

The equipment offers high-capacity, full-featured digital hard-disk signal record/playback capability in a compact 4U rack-mount case. The product is based on well proven Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology already deployed in a wide range of communication systems.

The storage server can be used to record and later playback the stored analog signal with up to 40MHz instantaneous bandwidth. The bandwidth of the recording could be reduced by the builtin digital tuner to increase the storage capacity. The storage server is able to operate in record or playback mode of operation. The recorded signal streams could be backed up to DVD storage media if required or available trough a Gigabit-Ethernet network interface for further processing. The format of the recorded file is available and Matlab® interface is provided for
off-line processing.

The key components of the system are the high-speed, wide-band analog to digital and digital to analog converters and a high-capacity RAID subsystem based on a high-throughput PCI-X interface. Each system comprised of a high-performance Pentium based host computer running
the Windows 7 operating system. The equipment could be operated with graphical user interface.