Integrated Receiver System SGX-ORION


  • Wideband signal processing with
    40MHz real-time bandwidth
  • Built in direction finding processor for
    all the spectrum components
  • Full or reduced bandwidth record and
    playback capability
  • Spectral emission search with
    20GHz/sec speed at 25KHz resolution
  • Automatic channel scanning with up to
    25k predefined channels
  • Hand off receiver pool with 16 fully
    independent channels
  • Narrowband monitoring and recording
    with 12-768KHz bandwidth
  • High probability signal classification
    and decoding functionality

Product description

Compact wide band Spectrum Monitoring Receiver System is designed to search, monitor frequency spectrum in HF/VHF/UHF bands. With the help of its fast scanning, wide band receiver capable to recognize and log the activity in the frequency spectrum. The system using its own multi-channel monitoring receiver to demodulate, record, analyze and decode (optional) the received signal, can measure the bearing (optional) of the incoming radio signal and with its own fast scanning receiver can continuously monitor the spectrum activity. Every parameter can be adjusted by the operator on the local terminal GUI in case of standalone operation or if connected through TCP/IP network, can be operated remotely.