Low-noise RF amplifier SLA-3000



  • Wide instantaneous bandwidth
  • High dynamic range
  • Low-noise
  • High intercept

Typical applications


• Wideband signal intelligence systems
• Improving existing receiving systems
• Receiver preamplifier
• Masthead preamplifier
• Laboratory measurement setups

Product description


This low-noise pre-amplifier deliver exceptionally high dynamic range in the receiving and measurements systems. The low noise-figure is coupled with extremely high intermodulation level to each this goal. The high dynamic range enables to use as a wideband amplifier in a recover systems without overload the input. In this way up to 6-8 dB sensitivity improvement could be reach in the system.

The high-gain version could be used to improve the sensitivity of a spectrum analyzer in the laboratory environment, where signal load can be controlled. The high gain and low noise figure makes it useable to set up a noise figure measurement with ordinary spectrum analyzer.