Search and Intercept Receiver SRS-3000



  • Compact design with graphical user interface
  • Up to 40MHz wide instantaneous realtime bandwidth
  • Down to 1ms time resolution
  • Down to 1kHz frequency resolution
  • Quasy real-time frequency spectrum by complex FFT algorithms
  • High probability due to wide bandwidth and high-speed scanning
  • Wide-band direction finding processor
  • Flexible compatibility for system integration

Product description


The receiver consists of the usual components of digital fast-scanning intercept receiver:

  • RF front-end,
  • HF/VHF digitizer,
  • Digital filtering and
  • Digital signal processor.

The SRS-3000 is a frequency-agile, lightweight HF/VHF/UHF receiver designed for limited space and high-mobility application for ground and air environment. Its compact size, broad tuning range and high-level remote control functionality make it ideal for multitude of system
application, including commercial frequency management and military EW/SIGINT/COMINT missions. The receiver couples high scan speed, high frequency and time resolution, high dynamic range, and excellent selectivity to provide superior performance over many much other
receivers. It achieves an outstanding in-band input third-order intercept point of +6 dBm, while maintaining a typical noise figure of less than 10 dB. The equipment can be used for high-speed spectrum management missions as a stand alone receiver system or as a building block of highgrade multifunctional integrated systems.