We just recently published a case study. So please have on the field trial report on Radio Direction Finding with compact radio direction finding receiver. Could you please visit our resources page for download.

Sagax Communications is a dedicated community of professional engineers who seek continuous innovation. We work tirelessly to invent and create for instance affordable, cutting-edge radio electronics equipment and systems. Above all we have decades of hands-on experience for delivering working solutions to the toughest missions and environments. Our technology is based on internationally recognized research and development of the software defined radio. As a result the product portfolio proved on field and in real mission.

Drone detection with radio direction finding

The technical goal of the project is therefore to create a VHF / UHF bandwidth reconnaissance and pointing device, which can be carried, installed and used by a person, capable of satisfying military conditions. When designing the system design and defining its basic technical parameters, it should be taken into account that, as the founding member of a product family, the developed components are suitable for compiling different configurations and include later development and system integration opportunities.

Exploring the possible directions for further development of the product and developing systematic integration preparation options. Preparing for the development of the product was started following a request for a specific commercial offer. End-to-end needs were essentially a handheld device, but portable (man-portable) design seems realistic considering the conditions of use (military, field use).

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