Sagax Communications teams up with Székely Family and Co. to extend Hungarian participation in the business development programs of the European Space Agency (ESA).

To begin with, we proudly announce the submission of a joint bid with Székely Family and Co. Llc. to one of the European Space Agency tenders with the aim to extend Hungarian participation in various space industry activities. Since Hungary has joined the European Space Agency (ESA) as a full member in 2015, there is a great opportunity to develop Hungarian participation in terms of the industrial aspects of the European Space Market. As a full member thus, Hungary is by definition entitled to a certain share of involvement in such large ESA programs like ARTES, presuming it can muster companies’ appropriate competences and capabilities.

Hungary does have several space companies with long heritage in space research and exploration as well as a few companies also present in the international space industry. However, those few companies are by far not covering the opportunities, thus actively expanding newspace companies with an appetite for risk and not being afraid of competition may quickly seize this target segment. This is more than pure business, it is a national economic interest: as Hungary contributes to the ESA budget, it is reasonable to expect Hungarian companies to return this ’investment’ through taxes and social contribution preferably with a top-up.

Sagax Communications

Sagax Communications is a dedicated community of professionals. The company started its operation in the spring of 2003 as a research and development division of Sagax Ltd. Moreover it provides high performance signal processing and data communication solutions in the embedded system market. It provides a balance of engineering consulting services and independent product development. However the main expertise lies in the development and manufacturing of the high-performance components of communications systems including:

  • high-speed digital and high-frequency analogue hardware and system design
  • embedded control design and implementation
  • configurable (FPGA) and programmable (DSP) based digital signal processing
  • Internet based control software, user interfaces, man-machine interaction solutions development

Székely Family and Co.

Székely Family and Co. Llc. (SFC) based in Budapest, Hungary, was founded to bridge the gap between commercial markets and research and innovation communities. It supports its partners through a robust network that provides training, proposal writing, fundraising, consortium building, joint projects and more. The partnership with Sagax Communications will further strengthen the connection between the community of individual inventors, innovators, researchers and students and established space industry enterprises and projects.

Sagax Communications – Always on Target

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