We made a fast interview with Sagax Communications CEO Bertalan Eged PhD. You can read about some interesting facts about the industry, further some personal curiosity about the leader of the company.

What was the latest technological development that impressed you?

Dragon rocketship from SpaceX. If I need some motivation, I always watch some videos about it. I often use these videos in my motivational presentations too. Nonetheless it still makes me having goosebumps.

What is your worst habit?

Critical thinking, in the hard way. I am a maximalist with others and with myself as well. I think if we decided to do something, we must certainly do it right and with full dedication. Besides there is just a few people whose work I can accept without any condition and objection.

What is your favourite gadget?

A lot of things interest me, but I can easily lose this interest. I rather like doing things myself, than wathcing others doing it. Thus a good transformer book is the gadget, without I can hardly live. Last time a technological experiment about some electronical train caught my attention for example.

What is your favourite material?

Silicon. One of the most important and representative material of our time. In my opinion, for modern people it is almost as important as any other vital material like oxygen. We could say that silicon is the most determinative material in these ages.

What is the ability that you don’t have, but you would possess?

Firstly to convince others about anything, as fast and effectively as possible.

How would you describe your best quality?

I can hurry in the first place. I don’t like lazy people whom I never saw hurry. We have so much to do and so little time for it. I think it is a great quailty to schedule our time well.

What type of books you read mostly?

Professional books about business development. But in my leisure time I prefer science fiction and cyberpunk novels from the 80’s and 90’s.

What foreign professional site do you consider the best?

I don’t really read sites like that. If an interesting article come across on the social media I click on it, but unfortunately I don’t always have time to read the full text. If I need some information to a new project or idea I search for them specifically and consciously targeted. I prefer to think about myself as a leader, not a follower.

 Do you have any favourite inventor in mind, which you can look up to?

Several, for instance Henry Ford, Thomas Alva Edison, Guglielmo Marconi or Steve Jobs. They all have created something defining, something that has a great impact not just in the field of technology, but in everyday life. This is very honorable.

Which famous and living person do you want to meet the most?

Elon Musk, one of the biggest industrial pioneer if our time, founder of SpaceX and Tesla Motors. He additionally has many other very interesting projects.

If you could move to another planet, would you?

Definitely. Maybe we will, not me, but others in my lifetime. This technological success of humans would make me really proud and happy.

What was your most significant professional expreience?

When LHC started at CERN in which I also took part. I led the development of some of the equipments there. It was one of the most remarkable experience in my life so far.

Where do you like to travel the most?

To the Antarctica. I have travelled more than 50 countries so far, mostly business affairs. And one of my goal is to visit all continents on Earth. Antarctica will be the most difficult I suppose.

What will you do in your old ages?

A guess I will work on projects that I don’t have time for nowdays.

How do you look at Sagax Communications these days?

I think Sagax is just doing fine, and it keeps getting better. We started this year in a new office and three new employees. However we have our difficulties, as everybody else does. But despite some problems, we can do what we established for. We have many ongoing projects mostly in the field of defense, electronic warfare and space technology. In addition Sagax will be represented at Electronic Warfare 2020 at Liverpool and some other famous exhibitons and expos. Therefore I look forward to the future with confidence.

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