As we informed you last week, Sagax Communications moved to a brand new office at the beginning of 2020. It is located in the heart of Budapest, Hungary. Today we proudly present you another great news. Two excellent engineers of Sagax Communications has successfully installed a new antenna on the top of the office building. This is a huge step towards the company’s fully working operation status in the new office. With this antenna on the roof, engineers for instance can collect data and samples, run tests or experimentalize new softwares and hardwares. But most importantly these operations can help us improving our customer service capability.

The newly equipped antenna

As you can read before, Sagax revealed two new antenna products recently. The SAW-3000 and the SAW-500 scanner antenna. You can purchase these products from our webshop.

The standard antenna is passive construction supporting receive and transmit operation up to 1W power limits. The wideband-banwidth element based on propietrary design and gives more than 1:5 extra wide practical operating bandwidth. The antenna element is based on a symmetrical dipole design with extra elements for reach the 100-500MHz and 500-3000Mz frequency coverage.

The high-performance antenna was professionally designed providing the extremely wide bandwidth and very consistent omni direction radiation patterns in very compact size and slim form-factor. Our analog RF engineering team inspected and hand-tested each antenna to ensure performance characteristics. This versatile antenna has numerous applications area including analog and digital radio links, spectrum monitoring and management, wide-ban signal interception and jamming, radiated laboratory test and measurement, research and development, and experimentation with software defined radios.

Sagax Communications – Always on Target

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