In this post you can read about the partnership between Sagax Communications and Budapest University of Technology and Economics. As a result Sagax provided SDR equipments for the institution for educational purposes.

AM and DRM broadcasts in the HF bands

Traditionally, we can use AM modulation in the LW/MW/SW bands for broadcasting purposes. It is very easy to identify these the AM broadcast stations based on their Dual Side Band (DSB) shape in the spectrum. The spectrum and waterfall displays of the SRM-3000 software defined radio show such a modulation on the following pictures.

However digital waveforms, i.e. DRM, have started to populate the HF bands, which can provide high quality content. You can optimize the modulation format to the propagation behavior, and is based on the multi-carrier scheme. It is also very easy to recognize them in the band using the SRM-3000 SDR for DRM, because these stations have a distinct rectangular shape in the spectrum.

DRM in the telecommunication curriculum of universities

DRM represents a significant part of broadcasting systems nowadays, hence most universities around the world have included this standard, or parts of it, into their curriculum on telecommunications. It is also an important part of the telecommunications program at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics as well, where we have recently introduced the SRM-3000 SDR for DRM by showcasing its DRM reception capability. This partnership with Hungary’s largest technological university is both benefical for the students and our company. Sagax Communications is committed to the advanced education of future generation. Therefore we are gladly take this partnership.

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