To begin with, Krypto1000 demodulator and decoder suite by COMINT Consulting has generic VITA 49 compatible stream input. VITA 49 since its introduction in mid 2000’s it is became the software radio’s evolving language. Not surprising the SRS-3000 wide-band search and intercept receiver from Sagax Communications has already adopted this wideband signal capture technology.

This feature can be used to stream wide-bandwidth signal into the decoder program. In the spectrum display below we streamed 20MHz bandwidth with 390MHz center frequency. It covers the whole Tetra band standardised by ETSI for most of the EU regions.

One of the feature of the wide-band stream that there is no need to tune the receiver. Hence the compelete spectrum is available and one can place as many as decoder channel as possibble by the computing capacity of the computer hardware platform.

Wideband signal capture and multi-channel decoder

Finally, in our example you can see up to 10 Tetra decoder channel tuned to 10 independent frequencies in the 20MHz instantenios bandwidth of the streamed spectrum. For your reference the processor we used in this machine is Intel Core i5-7400 @ 3.00GHz clock. According to experoience this is pretty good power/performance ratio device for such wideband signal capture and multi-channel decoding operations.

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