Sagax Communications had a collective direction finding field trial. Future soldiers of the Hungarian army from the University of Public Service participated the session.

To begin with, the purpose of this field trial was to broaden the students know-how of electronic warfare and signal and communication intelligence. The increasing demand for knowledge on the field of information and communication technologies in warfare has called upon this collaboration.

We proudly announce that Sagax Communications has provided the proper equpiment for this educational session. Software defined radio (SDR) SRM-3000 and SRS-3000 receivers and their direction finding and interception capablities were the main tools that the students were dealing with. Firstly they got a theoretical training about the importance and usage of software defined radio’s direction finding potentials. After that, in cooperation with enigneers of Sagax the students tried out the installizations of the radio antennas and the operation of the software.

Finally the two-days session ended in a huge success. The students gained field experience in the usage of real electronic warfare equpiment. Experience that they cannot acquire in the classroom. The trial was useful for Sagax and its engineers too, because handling such devices outside is far more challenging. This summer session on the field was very helpful both for the future soldiers and for our company.

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